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Fred Funk fredfunk |at|
style of music: deep hard and funky
musical Influences: old school classic rock...I've always been a fan of talented drummers (which explains why I have so much percussion in my music), so like the groovy beats of steve gadd and the imagination/creativity of buddy rich...jazz, classical. At one time or another, I've pretty much been in a phaze, where I was into almost every type of music...
number of yrs playing records: 5+
favorite labels: Kinky Vinyl, Spirit Recordings, Southern Fried Records
favorite drink: Budweiser
favorite food: Kalbi (aka Korean bbq)
first rock concert: Rush
what's in your cd player at the moment?: RJD2
words to live by: "begin with the end in mind"
any other shit you want to provide: I used to play the cello.